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Cytomegalovirus is a Herpes virus that infects most of the global population. The virus persists for the lifetime of the host – mostly in a dormant state, but reactivating occasionally – and the infection is generally asymptomatic in immuno-competent people. Cytomegalovirus has profound effects on the characteristics and function of the immune system, is thought to accelerate ageing, and has been implicated in some disease processes. There are also interactions between Cytomegalovirus and psycho-social health, life experiences and some forms of stress. Infection with this virus influences the way people respond to some stressors, and in turn, stressors can influence Cytomegalovirus directly and indirectly. For these reasons, Cytomegalovirus may need to be considered when designing studies and interpreting results in behavioral medicine, psycho-neuro-immunology and exercise immunology.
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