Constraining Nuclear Symmetry Energy with Multimessenger Resonant Shattering Flares

Duncan Neill, Rebecca Preston, William G. Newton, David Tsang

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Much effort is devoted to measuring the nuclear symmetry energy through neutron star (NS) and nuclear observables. Since matter in the NS core may be non-hadronic, observables like radii and tidal deformability may not provide reliable constraints on properties of nucleonic matter. We demonstrate that coincident timing of a resonant shattering flare (RSF) and gravitational wave signal during binary NS inspiral probes the crust-core transition region and provides constraints on the symmetry energy comparable to terrestrial nuclear experiments. We show that nuclear masses, RSFs and measurements of NS radii and tidal deformabilities constrain different density ranges of the EOS, providing complementary probes.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2022


  • astro-ph.HE
  • nucl-th

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