cDNA cloning of eel (Anguilla anguilla) somatolactin

Denise May, Christopher M. Todd, Mariann Rand-Weaver

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The nucleotide sequence of the cDNA coding for eel somatolactin (SL), a pituitary hormone belonging to the growth hormone (GH)/prolactin (PRL) family, has been determined. The full-length eel SL cDNA (1213 bp) encodes a protein of 229 amino acids (aa), with a putative signal peptide of 24 aa and a mature protein of 204 aa. Eel SL contains seven Cys residues found to be characteristic of SLs, and two potential N-glycosylation sites. Significant sequence homology between eel and seven other fish SLs (42% aa identity, 63% aa similarity) reveal SL to be highly conserved. A higher sequence identity of SL to GH than PRL is suggested by the comparison of these hormones in eel and chum salmon.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)63-67
Number of pages5
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 25 Mar 1997


  • Amino acid sequence homology
  • Fish
  • Growth hormone-prolactin family
  • Nucleotide sequencing
  • Pituitary
  • complementary DNA
  • hypophysis hormone
  • signal peptide
  • somatolactin
  • unclassified drug
  • amino acid sequence
  • animal cell
  • article
  • eel
  • fish
  • molecular cloning
  • nonhuman
  • Northern blotting
  • nucleotide sequence
  • priority journal
  • protein expression
  • protein glycosylation
  • sequence homology


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