Beryllium-centred C-H Activation of Benzene

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Reaction of BeCl2 with the dilithium diamide, [{SiNDipp}Li2] ({SiNDipp} = {CH2SiMe2NDipp}2), provides the dimeric chloroberyllate, [{SiNDippBeCl)Li]2, en route to the 2-coordinate beryllium amide, [SiNDippBe]. Lithium or sodium reduction of [SiNDippBe] in benzene, provides the relevant organoberyllate products, [{SiNDippBePh}M] (M = Li or Na), via the presumed intermediacy of transient Be(I) radicals.
Original languageEnglish
JournalChemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Early online date1 Jun 2023
Publication statusAcceptance date - 6 Jan 2023


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