Automotive Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Technologies

Colin Copeland, Apostolos Pesiridis, Ricardo Martinez-Botas, Srithar Rajoo, Alessandro Romagnoli, Aman Mamat

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Concerns for fuel economy and reduced emissions have focussed the attention of automotive internal combustion engine manufacturers on the exhaust system and towards technological developments to both reduce fuel consumption and emissions, as well as account for the still significant levels of waste exhaust energy that can be recovered.

The present volume on Automotive Exhaust Emissions and Energy Recovery for both gasoline and diesel engines is, therefore, a timely one. Whereas diesel engines are predominantly turbocharged, only a relatively small percentage of gasoline engines is similarly equipped which has led towards significant efforts by engine manufacturers in recent years to downsize and downspeed these engines. On the other hand, the relative focus in engine development, in terms of emissions and exhaust energy recovery is shifting towards developments beyond the conventional turbocharger, especially in Diesel engines, for enhanced energy recovery and in emissions control technologies to allow the engines of the future to keep up with the twin demand for very low emissions and increasing levels of fuel economy.

Automotive Exhaust Emissions and Energy Recovery focuses on the exhaust system and on the technologies and methods used to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy through the use of emissions control technologies and biofuels as well as by capitalizing upon the exhaust gas energy availability either in the form of gas kinetic energy or as waste heat extracted from the exhaust gas. It is projected that in the short to medium term, advances in exhaust emissions and energy recovery technologies will lead the way in internal combustion engine development and pave the way towards increasing levels of engine hybridization until full electric vehicle technology can claim a level of maturity and corresponding market share to turn the bulk of this focus away from the internal combustion engine.

The present book is aimed at engine research professionals in the industry and academia as well as students of power train engineering. The collection of articles in this book aims to review both the fundamentals of relevant, recent exhaust system technologies but to also detail recent or on-going projects and to uncover future research directions and possibilities in this area, where relevant.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAutomotive Exhaust Emissions and Energy Recovery
PublisherNova Science Publishers
ISBN (Electronic)9781633215375
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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