Asymmetries of Flexible Foil Locomotion

Keri Collins, Adrian Bowyer, William Megill

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Without asymmetry, locomotion would be impossible. We look at the effects of asymmetry on flexible foils in oscillation and at the role asymmetry plays in thrust production. Asymmetries in time are considered by changing the kinematic profile of an oscillating foil, leading to vectored force production and implicationf for efficiency. The benefits of asymmetry in the flapping profile are shown to be dependent on the physical properties of the fin as well as on the other kinematics parameters.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - Sept 2009
EventThe Fourth International Symposium on Aero-Aqua Bio-Mechanisms - Shanghai
Duration: 29 Aug 20092 Sept 2009


ConferenceThe Fourth International Symposium on Aero-Aqua Bio-Mechanisms


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