Are QR Codes simply a fad or do they add value to the mobile user?

Andrew Ramsden

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This workshop will embrace a problem based learning approach to enable the attendees to discuss if they think QR (Quick Response) Codes are a fad, and if they decide they are not, what they add value to the mobile user? It is assumed a number of people in the workshop will have access to the internet. Therefore, by the end of the workshop we will have collectively authored a Google document which addresses the title of the workshop. By the end of the session we may not have reached the definitive answer, however, we will have made significant steps in our own understanding.

A QR (Quick Response) Code is a two dimensional barcode. Which when scanned using a mobile phone enables you to complete a task. The most common tasks include accessing a web resource, sending a pre-written SMS or accessing more text information. The unique selling point is they enable the mobile learner to effectively and efficiently connect to a electronic resource or activity from a physical object.

This workshop is divided into the following parts.

Firstly agreeing on the questions we need to answer to feed into our understanding and enable us to answer the overarching question set by the workshop. For instance we'll need to know:

* What is a QR code? * How do you create a QR code? * How do you access a QR code on your phone? * How are they being used in teaching and learning, and in other sectors? * How have institutions implemented their QR Code service? * Do people have the technology to use them now?

The second part will be in small groups developing answers to the questions raised. The methodology will be Web research, and idea sharing. The facilitator will assist by drawing on his knowledge and experience to ensure answers can be readily sourced.

The third part is feedback and discussion within the wider group. After which the smaller groups will enter their thoughts into the Google document.

At the end of the workshop the Google document will be exported and disseminated through the University of Bath's QR Code Project Blog for the wider community to access.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 28 Jul 2009
EventInstitutional Web Management Workshop 2009 - University of Essex
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ConferenceInstitutional Web Management Workshop 2009
CityUniversity of Essex
Period28/07/09 → …


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