Applying Transdisciplinary Engineering (TE) design research methodology to the challenge of managing decision support tool performance

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Over the past few decades there has been increasing dialogue around transdisciplinary (TD) research. However, within engineering it has received less attention and there remains a lack of consensus over both the definition, and the methods through which to conduct transdisciplinary engineering (TE). Within this paper we describe and outline the salient points of TD and the Design Research Methodology (DRM) and create a proposal to combine the two. A case study of National Grid Electric Transmissions (NGET) demonstrates application. The case study shows that through TE DRM a conceptual process for managing decision support tool (DST) performance is created. This process integrates academic and non-academic perspectives. Evaluation, by NGET subject matter experts found the process to be logical and useable within NGET, with approval given to proceed to implementation. Conclusions find that application of TE DRM increases the possibility of industry uptake and the potential impact of academic research.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2019
EventTransdisciplinary Engineering Conference 2019 - Kashiwa Campus, Tokyo, Japan
Duration: 30 Jul 20191 Aug 2019


ConferenceTransdisciplinary Engineering Conference 2019
Abbreviated titleTE2019
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  • Design Research Methodology, transdisciplinary engineering, transdisciplinarity, transdisciplinary research

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