Aluminum complexes of mono-pyrrolidine ligands for the con-trolled ring opening polymerization of lactide

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In this paper we report the full characterization (solution-state NMR spectroscopy and solid-state structures) of a series of Al(III) half-salan complexes and their exploitation for the ring-opening polymerization of rac-lactide. Depending on the ligand employed and stoichiometry of the complexation, structures of the form Al(X) 2Me or Al(X)Me 2 were isolated. Interestingly Al(2) 2Me and Al(2)Me 2 produce PLA with a strong isotactic bias (P m up to 0.80), whereas all other complexes produced atactic PLA. This is in contrast to recent studies on similar salan ligand systems. PLAs with predictable molecular weights and narrow distributions were achieved. The results are discussed in terms of steric and electronic properties of the ligands.

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