A key role for scientists in strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention

Lijun Shang, Lincoln Sheff, Malcom Dando

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It is not easy to be optimistic about international security at the present time, but 9th Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention in December 2022 agreed a renewed effort to strengthen the Convention after decades of stagnation. In March 2023 an agreement was also reached on an agenda and timetable for this effort over the next 2 years. Scientists have a long history of providing valuable input to such meetings, in this paper, we discuss how such input might best be provided with complicated challenges now facing the BWC and concluded that there is much that could be done, but greater coordination amongst scientists is needed.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages3
JournalFrontiers in Political Science
Publication statusPublished - 7 Sept 2023

Bibliographical note

Funding: This work was funded by a grant to LS from Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (No. 5469).


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