A hybrid quantum memory–enabled network at room temperature

Xiao Ling Pang, Ai Lin Yang, Jian Peng Dou, Hang Li, Chao Ni Zhang, Eilon Poem, Dylan J. Saunders, Hao Tang, Joshua Nunn, Ian A. Walmsley, Xian Min Jin

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Quantum memory capable of storage and retrieval of flying photons on demand is crucial for developing quantum information technologies. However, the devices needed for long-distance links are different from those envisioned for local processing. We present the first hybrid quantum memory-enabled network by demonstrating the interconnection and simultaneous operation of two types of quantum memory: an atomic ensemble-based memory and an all-optical Loop memory. Interfacing the quantum memories at room temperature, we observe a well-preserved quantum correlation and a violation of Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. Furthermore, we demonstrate the creation and storage of a fully-operable heralded photon chain state that can achieve memory-built-in combining, swapping, splitting, tuning, and chopping single photons in a chain temporally. Such a quantum network allows atomic excitations to be generated, stored, and converted to broadband photons, which are then transferred to the next node, stored, and faithfully retrieved, all at high speed and in a programmable fashion.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbereaax1425
JournalScience Advances
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 7 Feb 2020

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