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The WindERO project aims to investigate the particle and droplet erosion on wind turbine blades. The horizontal axis DTU 10MW RWT will be used as a well known test case. Erosion causes variation of the blade geometry and therefore performance deterioration. The objective of this work is twofolds: first analyzing the geometry variation and quantify the impact on performance. A second part of the project aims to study Active and Passive devices for flow control in order to minimize the erosion maximizing the performance.
scientific rationale The full 3D CFD analysis of a single blade of a 10 MW wind turbine will be carried out. Once the steady state CFD of the blade is carried out, particle tracking will be performed. The well knwon Finnie model will be used, and some experimental tests will be carried out to determine the coefficient for the materials (polymers and sand/water). The second step (Erosion Mitigation) is inspired by the fact that the erosion events are limited in time, and therefore a AFC device might be of terrific help minimizing the impact on performance. Massive parallelism will be exploited due to the size of the numerical domain (blade span of 10 m).
innovation potential Icing, insect Fouling, and blade erosion are the three factors that are acknowledged to entail performance reduction. To the authors knowledge, very few numerical investigation of horizontal axis wind turbines have been performed. An even lower number of investigation has included the presence of the degradation factor. The precise understanding of the phenomenon is therefore not achieved yet. The development of an AFC device for the mitigation is, to the proposers' knowledge, very innovative and could be greatly appreciated by the community.
state of the art The erosion mitigation is typically achieved either by improving the blade surface materials and coating or by reducing the tip speed during the events.
outcomes and high-impact scientific advances expected The expected outcome is a deep investigation of the erosion causes and a qualitative validation of the erosion pattern on eroded blade. The proposal of an AFC device based on the previous observation should be achieved as well.
Short title400000 core Hours
Effective start/end date1/05/2030/04/21