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This project is led by Farooq Mughal, Yasin Rofcanin, Nancy Harding, Fei Qin, and Rana Tassbehji as part of the FoW Sandpit Project Funding granted by the School of Management University of Bath.

Software development is a profession that is vitally important to the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, yet it is known that its products, the algorithms that underpin much of contemporary and future societies, reflect the coders or programmers that write them (Schwab, 2017). Despite advancements in the field, there is little empirical evidence to support perceptions on diversity in software development and the evidence that exists comes from studies of the few women in the profession - mostly providing second-hand descriptions of the coders. It is vital to develop much better understanding of the culture of these coders and so this project aims to explore gender diversity in the software development industry. It will do this through (a) developing understanding of (a) the psychological profile of male software developers and (b) the culture within which they work.
Effective start/end date17/02/22 → …


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