What public policy? Decolonising policy with Social movements in the cities of the Global South

  • Dinerstein, Ana Cecilia (PI)
  • Rey, Mabel (CoI)
  • Kumar, Ravi (CoI)
  • Chavez, Daniel (CoI)
  • Saforcada, Fernanda (CoI)
  • Dove, Fiona (CoI)

Project: Research-related funding

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Social-labour movements, the state and public policy; re-conceptualisation of the public space and public policy and its relationship to the urban space; rethinking the influence of new movements on the co-construction of a decolonial and prefigurative policy in the global south.

Building Bridge 2016-17.
Short title£2,500
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18