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The globalisation of the production systems will result in Europe losing its know-how in the technologies of production. However, high quality products at low costs, accommodating sustainable development and the need for shorter lead times can only be obtained by integrating the production phase in the design stage.

It has also been requested to integrate new technologies of production to design innovative products. This can be obtained by installing a virtual production system. Through the VRL-KCiP network of excellence, Europe will be able to federate many research teams in the field of design, production and innovation and thus preserve the common inheritance of manufacturing processes while carrying out a collaborative system of design integrating a module of virtual production. 20 research units, gathering 150 researchers, decided to work together in order to provide a strong integration of their teams and thus break the fragmentation of European research in this area and work more efficiently.

A new organisation of the research system must lead to a clearer vision of the research orientations, an improvement of the quality of research by exploiting complementarities, avoiding duplication, and finally a better impact on our industry for the good health of our society.
Effective start/end date1/10/0531/05/08


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