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GW4 Generator Award

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The aim of this grant was to build a network in the South-West and beyond that brings humanities-based GW4 scholars working on topics related to the city and urban life in any field or historical period into conversation with urban geographers and social scientists. Further objectives included to evelop innovative modes of collaborative research and identify areas of immediate further inquiry that are specific to the urban humanities and particularly pressing at this moment; to increase the visibility of urban studies in the South West and explore novel urban-based approaches to specific challenges of the region by establishing two-way partnerships with non-HE collaborators, such as charities (e.g. Bristol Women’s Voice), community development organizations (e.g. Barton Hill/Wellspring Settlement), cultural institutions (e.g. Knowle West Media Centre) and local councils.

Key findings

The network supported meaningful research collaborations and stimulate national and international grantcapture, allowing torespond quickly to a diverse range of funding calls.
Short title6000
Effective start/end date1/06/2130/11/21


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  • humanities
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