University of Bath - IRO (Strand 2): Title of Project Growth and integration of advanced 2D materials towards the development of imperceptible on-body e-health biosensors

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Bio-electronics and nanomaterials represent two research themes of recognised national strategic importance, as well as forming two of the University’s cross-Departmental core research agendas. This proposal looks to extend and reframe MTCs core research to the application of newly synthesized nanomaterials in the field of bioelectronics.

MTCs recently completed nanomaterials growth suite has demonstrated carbon nanotubes and graphene synthesis. Building on this success, further research is currently underway to broaden the library of synthesisable two dimensional single-atom thick materials that can be produced using these tools. Through IRO support, this proposal looks to explore new bio-centered applications to which these newly established growth competences can be applied in order to drive an increased synergy between core Departmental research themes, particularly between MAST, EMaCs, CNAN, and C3Bio, whilst concurrently capitalising on the burgeoning academic, industrial and commercial interest in the production and bio-application of emerging 2D materials
Short title£3,830
Effective start/end date1/02/2031/12/21


  • collaoration
  • biosensors
  • applied nanomaterial
  • nanotechnology
  • healthcare
  • process development
  • 2D materials
  • graphene