Understanding energetics and biomechanics of running performance via wearable technologies

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Wearable technologies are a major growth industry in the UK and worldwide, showing a constant interest towards the development and improvement of sensors and algorithms for application in the sport, exercise and broader health area.
Although a variety of products are currently on the market there is a need for a sound scientific approach in their validation and more evidence-base for their application to the different aspects of performance and/or health monitoring.
The PhD will extend and advance the application of wearable technology to support performance enhancement and injury risk reduction in running and team sports, and the research will aim to: (a) generate cutting-edge basic knowledge to be embedded into existing wearable sensing platforms; (b) carry out validation studies to test the robustness and quality of the methods; (c) test the generated algorithms/technology in a target population.
This project offers a unique and exciting opportunity to develop advanced research at the cross-section between biomechanics, exercise physiology, and information technology. Also, there will be potential for the student to be engaged with knowledge transfer and see the work go all the way through to a commercial, mass produced product, which is an exciting feature to be added to the PhD pathway.
Short title£33,000
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/21

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