Understanding and Responding to Those Bereaved Through their Family Member's Drug or Alcohol Misuse

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This two phase qualitative study aims to provide new understanding of the experiences of individuals bereaved through substance misuse and to identify their support needs in order to inform service design and delivery. The first phase of the research will involve in-depth interviews with bereaved family members in England and Scotland. The second phase will engage groups of bereavement and substance misuse professionals, practitioners and service users in developing, testing and validating new practice guidelines. These guidelines will inform and assist support services staff in more adequately addressing the needs of this group of bereaved people. The research is being led by researchers in the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath who have experience in conducting research on bereavement. Other members of the research team are based at the University of Stirling and have experience in addiction studies. A bereaved family member will also be part of the research team. The study aims to make a significant contribution to the bereavement and substance misuse literature, raise awareness of issues faced by those suffering this type of loss and inform evidence-based practice guidelines.
Effective start/end date10/09/129/09/15


  • Economic and Social Research Council


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