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We have assembled a strong and committed team to deliver this vision: Principal Investigator Prof Tim Mays, University of Bath with Co-Investigators Dr Rachael Rothman, University of Sheffield, and Prof Shanwen Tao, University of Warwick, will work with a group of Special Advisors to engage and partner with policy makers and industry from across the supply chain from the project start. The Team have expertise both spanning the H&ALF value chain and in planning and successfully delivering interdisciplinary research projects. We will organise a series of facilitated workshops to engage stakeholder communities and use a Theory of Change process to map the greatest research challenges for H&ALFs and potential solutions. Engagement will be as wide as possible, with workshops geographically spread across the UK, as well as online, and will span research topics and industrial sectors. In addition, we will coordinate visits and a vigorous online presence. We will concentrate on the potential for H&ALFs to decarbonise transport (land, sea, air), electricity generation and domestic and industrial heat, as these sectors and industries make up nearly 80 % of the UK's total carbon emissions . We will also work with important, high emmitting UK industries such as steel, cement, glass and fertiliser manufacture.
Effective start/end date1/04/2231/05/23

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  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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