UK/China Network for the Creative Sector: Founders Meeting

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The Creative Sector is important to both the UK and the Chinese economies, each controibuting to about 5% of overall economic activity; and the sector is predicted to grow.
Moreover, research in the sector has impact in other sectors such as sports, health, security and others.
Bilateral cooperation will benefits both academia and industry in both countries; this has been recognised by the recent AHRC funding programme aimed a buiulding copperation.
Our network sits alongside the AHRC initiative with the intention of providing basic research cooperation between top-flight universities across all of the UK and China, and linking that activity to academic and industrtial colleagues in the Creative Sector.

The founding meeting will be organised by Hall and Yang in the UK, and Professor Shimin Hu of Tsimghua University in China. The Chinese delegation will travel under their own funding.

April 23rd is an optimal time to hold a meeting, because Bath hosts the Conference on Visual Media 2019 from 24th to 26th April. CVM, founded from Professor Hu, is one of the most well attended events in Asia, and highly regarded by Asia Graphics. This is only the second time CVM has been ourside China, and is an excellent opportunity to meet with UK researchers and industrial paretners to discuss the formation of a meaningful and productive network.
Effective start/end date1/04/1930/09/19


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


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