• Almond, Darryl (PI)
  • Meo, Michele (CoI)

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The prime aim of the Centre is to do world-class research in NDE and related fields. The Centre is a collaboration between six universities and 14 (in 07-08)large, end-user companies plus a number of smaller, associate members. The membership includes expertise in mechanical and electronic engineering, physics and materials, so recognising the interdisciplinary nature of NDE. The Centre will have a wide portfolio of activities from longer term, higher risk adventurous research, through medium term application research and development to short term practical projects and technology transfer activities with SMEs and other exploiters of new products. The EPSRC funds that are the main subject of this proposal will support longer term, adventurous research in three key priority areas: defect sizing to improve structural integrity assessments, permanently installed monitoring systems to reduce the down-time associated with inspection, and exploiting advances made in other areas to introduce innovative technology to improve the quality of NDE instrumentation. Over 50% of the cost of the research will be met by industrial contributions. The purpose of all the research, whether shorter or longer term, will be to benefit the nation in terms of quality of life, through improved safety, environmental protection and economic security. The Centre will do this by assisting UK companies to improve (a) their competitiveness and (b) their ability to meet the public's requirements for safe and secure operation.
Effective start/end date1/04/0831/03/14


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


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