Transformative history education: Learning from creative practices in Cambodia, Colombia and Iraq

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The overarching aim of this project is to position our GW4 research community to win major grant funding for a comparative, multi-country, interdisciplinary transformative history education project.

To accomplish this, the accelerator project has the following objectives:

1) Deepen understanding of policy landscape for transformative history education in Cambodia, Colombia and Iraq

This includes commissioned literature and policy reviews on education policy, curriculum, and actor mapping in each of the three locations.

2) Strengthen and build partnership relationships in 3 case study countries (Cambodia, Colombia, Iraq)

This includes visiting partners identified during our Initiator grant, who will host research activities (see aim 3) and building relationships with important stakeholders (e.g. Ministries of Education, local organisations and researchers, international organisations) in each location.

3) Pilot co-created research methods for understanding processes and outcomes of transformative history education in Cambodia, Colombia and Iraq

This involves research into three promising transformative history education initiatives identified during our Initiator Grant. These include: Acts of Memory in Cambodia (partner: Bophana Centre); Museums of Memory School Exchanges in Colombia (partner: Centre for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation), and We are all Citizens in Iraq (partner: Peace and Freedom Organisation)
Effective start/end date1/10/1830/04/19

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