Towards developing an Education Continuity Plan: supporting schools in times of crisis

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This research aims to gain an understanding of what might be needed in an Education Continuity Plan (ECP) by exploring how headteachers have interpreted and applied the government's guidelines during the Covid-19 crisis.
With an unprecedented and prolonged impact on the education of children, the Covid-19 crisis has led to school closures in England. Relevant policies and guidelines have been designed and disseminated by government department. across the nation to mitigate against negative impacts on young people's education and safety. The headteachers’ understanding and implementations of these policies and guidelines are key to the development of an ECP, which would support future crisis management and consolidate a collective agreement on minimum equitable educational provision for all pupils. It would establish clear actions and responsibilities for all – head teachers, governors and other stakeholders.

The three main questions that underpin the key areas are:
• How headteachers have interpreted and implemented the guidelines?
• What were the most challenging aspects for implementing the guidelines?
• What additional support would schools have liked from the Government during this process?

The outcome aims to map out the key areas of a framework for an ECP in England to support school leaders in effectively managing their schools in future crisis management situations.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/03/21

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