Tomography and lattice strain mapping during in-situ loading of thin walled cooling pipes

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The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) tracker upgrade at CERN requires an advanced two-phase CO2 cooling system. Thin walled stainless steel piping has been shown to have significant potential for this application. However, the addition of a thin metallic coating is required to enable effective pipe soldering. In this study, X-ray powder diffraction and microtomography will be performed on several optimised coatings and solder designs, in order to characterise the residual stress evolution between the pipes, coatings and solder, as well as the structural changes that lead to failure. These results will provide crucial inputs to existing models, and will provide the insights required to optimise the metallic coating and soldering parameters. These enhanced parameters are essential to facilitate two phase CO2 cooling at CMS as well as in other industrial applications.
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