Time-Series Operational Risk Analysis of Electricity Networks considering Ambient Impacts

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Operational risk assessment is essential for electricity system daily operation. The traditional deterministic N-1 criterion has served the industry for decades, but the worst-scenario model can hardly reflect the current practice of network with increasingly varying renewables and flexible demand. It does not consider the correlation between risk and environmental factors, causing under use of available network capacities. This project is to develop novel algorithms for modelling and analysing risks in future electricity systems. The approaches include extending recent advances in analytical theory to develop efficient computational algorithms, construct models of variable load, study the impact of ambient factors on load and networks, interaction between transmission and distribution networks and apply the research outcomes to develop risk indexes for measuring system risk levels. This study can provide fundamental knowledge of risk mechanisms, ambient impact for network operators, allowing them to deliver cleaner, greener and securer energy to customers.
Short titleHubNet
Effective start/end date1/06/1631/05/18