The New Politics of Values in the 21st Century: Actors, Institutions and Dynamics

  • Engeli, Isabelle (PI)

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Value-based and identity politics have been attracting growing attention in politics. Prominent examples include referenda on LGBTQI rights, headscarf bans, restrictions to abortion access, societal demands for policies related to mental health, and the politicization of identity-based issues by populist parties. The re-emergence of the politics of values calls for re-assessing the role of religion, party competition, and/or advocacy in issue attention, agenda setting and policy making on value-based issues.

What is the impact of secularization on the politics of values related to party competition, issue attention, and policy making?

How, why and to what extend do policy making on value-loaded issues differ from other types of policy issues?
Effective start/end date1/09/17 → …


  • Morality Politics
  • Party Competition
  • Identity Politics
  • Europe
  • Agenda Setting
  • Issue Attention


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