The Incentives for Conflict and Cooperation

  • Postl, Peter (CoI)

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GW4 Initiator Fund 'The Incentives for Conflict and Cooperation'. Community Lead for University of Bath: Dr Peter Postl, University of Bristol: Dr Francesco Giovannoni (Principal Investigator), Cardiff University: Professor Indrajit Ray, University of Exeter: Professor Rajiv Sarin.

Layman's description

Project overview: Game theory is the ideal tool for the analysis of the underlying incentives for conflict or cooperation. It has a vast number of applications, from understanding the issues of adoption and diffusion of green technologies, to the structure of international coalitions, to the political constraints underlying economic inequality, to development economics. Our GW4 community aims to tackle both the methodological challenges in bringing game theory to bear on these issues and applying the lessons learned to relevant policy debates.
Short title£13,710
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/07/16

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