The impact of an exercise training intervention on serum free light chains and overall B cell function in individuals with Type II diabetes: a retrospective immune analysis of the HART-D study

  • Campbell, John (CoI)
  • Spielmann, Guillaume (PI)
  • Johannsen, Neil M. (CoI)
  • Church, Timothy S. (CoI)

Project: Research-related funding

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Funding from Louisiana State University (Louisiana State University College of Human Sciences and Education Dean's Internationalization Program) for a study investigating the effects of a 9-month exercise intervention on serum free light chain levels in patients with type II diabetes (Study: Health Benefits of Aerobic and Resistance Training in individuals with type 2 diabetes [HART-D]) undertaken at Pennington Biomedical Research Institute.
Short title$9477.00
Effective start/end date16/07/1716/01/18