The Geography of New Working Spaces and the Impact on the Periphery (CA18214)

Project: EU Commission

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The aim of the COST Action is threefold. First, it aims to share the first outcomes of some funded international research projects on the phenomenon of new workplaces, such as Coworking Spaces and Maker Spaces, in order to: (i) identify the typologies (Taxonomy) of such emerging workplaces, and (ii) reveal their spatial distribution, and to explain their location patterns.

Secondly, through the comparison and dissemination of the first results of these international research activities, the Action aims at identifying, measuring and evaluating the (direct and indirect) effects of these
new working spaces (Atlas) in order to understand whether and how they have promoted – with or without the help of public subsidies and planning measures : (a) regional competitiveness, economic performance and resilience; (b) entrepreneurial milieu; (c) knowledge creation within regional innovation system, retaining knowledge workers and the creative class; (d) social inclusion and spatial regeneration of peripheral areas.

The third aim is to collect, discuss and develop guidelines for tailored policy and planning measures (Tool Box) to foster the positive effects of new workplaces through the promotion of agreements and cooperation with local, regional and/or national public administrations/stakeholders, as well as to try to mitigate their negative effects on the neighbourhoods (i.e. parking shortages, noise, or increasing land rent).
Short titlecomeINperiphery
Effective start/end date1/10/1930/09/23