Teaching Development Fund- Shiny Apps (E-tivities) for Statistical Knowledge Development

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This project seeks to begin to redress the quantitative:qualitative imbalance of taught content and student engagement on the S&SS degree programme through (a) the development and inclusion of online statistical lecture content co-taught by Merchant and Hutton, and (b) the development of online Shiny Apps with which students can interact by adjusting data parameters to visualize the outcomes of statistical processes, as part of the pre-dissertation, year long, core, level 2 unit HL20490: Critical and Applied Social Science Research. As part of the proposed evolution of this unit, the key innovation in teaching will be regarding the construction and use of the series of 5 Shiny Apps. Each Shiny App will be designed to aid and consolidate students’ understanding of a key statistical approach or concept (including: correlations, regression, parametric and non-parametric testing and distributions), each tailored to meet the learning objectives of 5 accompanying online lectures that form part of HL20490: Critical and Applied Social Science Research. The Shiny Apps will enable students with either some or no pre-existing statistical knowledge to interact with sport/health relevant datasets, using sliders and drop down menu bars to visualize statistical relationships graphically and geo-spatially.
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