Teaching Development Fund: AniMechanics – animated resources for visualisation of mechanical systems

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Students entering University degree programmes no longer have practical experience of taking devices and machines apart but are highly skilled as “digital natives”. This project aims to use computer based animation to help students visualise mechanical systems, bringing mechanisms to life.
Mechanics is a challenging subject to teach and it is even more challenging to obtain student engagement with the subject. For many students the early concepts introduced (normally taught in the first and second years) are difficult to grasp and thus they find themselves without a solid base of understanding upon which to build more advanced learning. The reduction in the level of Mathematics taught to students at secondary school has compounded the issue. This proposal aims to create a coherent set of animated resources that will, in the first instance, be shared between the Departments of ACE, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, and Health to enhance the Mechanics teaching ctivities.
The proposed project will also use media and methods that are part of the everyday life of modern students who are described with the term “digital natives”; modern students do not always relate well to traditional teaching materials which rely on textbooks which are often considered ‘dry’ and uninteresting. This media will be embedded within unit lectures and also made available to the students for learning outside of the lecture environment.
Short title£5,000.00
Effective start/end date19/11/1518/11/16