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Previous research from the Whittlesey and Williams groups has identified very active catalysts for reactions involving hydrogen addition and hydrogen removal. These catalysts will be used for the development of new reactions involving hydrogen addition and hydrogen removal to prepare useful organic products. In particular, the oxidation of alcohols without the need for a formal oxidant provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to the use of conventional oxidising agents. The chemistry will also be used for a new approach to the synthesis of amides, which are widely found in natural products and pharmaceutical compounds.The high reactivity of the ruthenium complexes will be exploited in the conversion of nitro and nitrile containing compounds into amines. Since nitro and nitrile containing compounds are useful in C-C bond forming reactions, this provides powerful methodology for the synthesis of a wide range of amines.The principles of the borrowing hydrogen chemistry will be developed for the synthesis of heterocycles and complex alkaloids, and extended to the formation of compounds with the control of chirality
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/11


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


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