Supergen Bioenergy Hub

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Bioenergy is energy from plants, trees and other material that has recently sequestered carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When the renewable biomass is used to produce energy it returns to the atmosphere carbon dioxide that has relatively recently been sequestered and so there is no net, long-term increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration. The SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub is a network of academic, industrial and policy stakeholders who contribute to research into sustainable bioenergy systems addressing the technical and engineering barriers to deployment while maximizing the environmental benefits of sustainable bioenergy. This project will investigate the key research challenges that need to be addressed to develop sustainable bioenergy systems in the UK. It will collate the views and priorities of academic, industrial and policy stakeholders to integrate perspectives and build links and understanding between key stakeholders.
The outcomes of the project will be an integrated, multi-disciplinary proposal for the future of UK bioenergy research in the UK and development of a UK bioenergy community network that values different disciplinary and stakeholder perspectives and combines these to focus on sustainable development.
Effective start/end date1/11/1831/10/22


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council