Strand 2 - Europe & N. America 2019

  • Dinerstein, Ana Cecilia (PI)
  • Amsler, Sarah (CoI)
  • Garza, Rosalba Icaza (CoI)
  • Maeckelberg, Marianne (CoI)
  • Monticelli, Lara (CoI)
  • Cantaluppi, Giulia (CoI)
  • Vilardo, Sarah (CoI)
  • Öztürk , Özgür Güneş (CoI)
  • Mateos, Natalia Ribas (CoI)

Project: Research-related funding

Project Details


WOVNet: A Feminist Network for the world to come.

Theoretical and methodological innovation in social sciences and/with artistic intervention by female scholar/artists/activists.
Short title£2,640
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/21