SPEED V- Super-high Power-dense Engines for Electric-hybrid Vehicles - Modular Downsized Internal Combustion Engines with Low CO2 Per Unit Power Output for Hybrid Powertrain

Project: Central government, health and local authorities

Project Details


"McLaren Automotive, Ricardo, Grainger and Worrall, Lentus Composites, the University of Bath and a major European OEM have been awarded an APC grant to develop a high specific power, modular combustion system and associated engine technologies for application in future vehicle programmes. The APC grant will support the development of a completely new generation of technically advanced engines offering significantly improved CO2 figures for high performance vehicles. The grant will also improve the UK’s development and production capabilities for low CO2 ICE technology. The European OEM will transfer skills and development experience of engine systems to McLaren Automotive; Ricardo will extend its capabilities in the same areas; Grainger and Worrall will deliver complex, lightweight casting technology; Lentus Composites will seek grow from an SME status to a full automotive tier 1 supplier; and the University of Bath will advance capabilities in ICE system efficiency R&D."
Effective start/end date1/11/1630/04/20

Collaborative partners

  • University of Bath
  • McLaren Automotive Limited (lead)
  • Ricardo UK Limited
  • BMW
  • Grainger & Worrall
  • Lentus Composites


  • Innovate UK


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