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Grant application to Global Innovation Fund for a pilot study in Malawi of a water treatment prototype developed by a cross-disciplinary team at the University of Bath. Application rejected by Funder.

With the support of the Global Challenge Research Fund via the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the first final prototype will be ready at the end of the current funding in April 2017. So far, on the engineering side, we have designed a range of different 3D-prototypes (spiral/looped/black/white) which have been compared and evaluated. The protocols for bacterial growth and enumeration have been established, and the effect of sunlight and temperature alone, have been performed. The results obtained have been fed back to the rest of the team to further evaluate and optimize reactor design, including inlet-and outlet flow designs.
On the mathematical modelling side, we have developed a simple mathematical model to describe the SODIS system. The model consists of three interlinked parts: the fluid flow; the temperature distribution; and the concentration of bacteria. Currently, the parameters of the model are being tuned using experimental data produced by other members of the research team. Once this has been completed, the model should be able to give guidelines on the best
dimensions of the channel, the time needed to eradicate the bacteria, the maximum length of the channel, etc. On the local development side, we have built a questionnaire around the context-dependency of the design and use of the prototype. The questionnaire has been sent to local communities and NGOs in Malawi via LEAD Southern and Eastern Africa (LEADSEA), a research institute based at the University of Malawi. LEADSEA also exist in Southern and Eastern African countries through its network of multidisciplinary LEAD Fellows Future methods will be more participatory. Also, Greenwell Matchaya, Africa Coordinator for ReSAKSS, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)- South Africa is already working with the SODIS3D team on the design of the prototype.
Short title150,000
Effective start/end date1/03/1728/02/18