Smart Specialisation and Industry 4.0: Upgrading Regional Capabilities for a Balanced Industrial Development and Growth Through Networks Made to REGIONAL STUDIES ASSOCIATION Policy Exposition

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This Expo explores how policy can assist lagging regions to participate fully in the EU’s smart specialisation framework and take advantage of the opportunities digitalisation and Industry 4.0 offers. It does so by analysing the ability of these regions to mobilise local resources and existing capabilities within their regional innovation systems, and attract and connect to new resources and capabilities in global value chains by exploiting the new interface with markets enabled by 4.0 technologies. We will adopt a network perspective to examine Smart Specialisation and the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies by regions in Italy, Spain and the UK (e.g. the socio-economic impact of the presence of Apple’s first iOS Developer Academy in Naples). The Expo will inform novel policy solutions that connect regional, national and international knowledge flows to promote the technological upgrading of embedded manufacturing sectors in lagging regions for a balanced industrial economic growth.

Layman's description

How digital technology and developing the competences that underpin region growth can be combined to allow laggard regions to catch up with leading economic regions in the EU.
Short title£15000
AcronymRSA Expo
StatusNot started


  • Regional development
  • Smart Specialisation
  • Economics
  • Management and Business studies