• Meo, Michele (PI)

Project: EU Commission

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The SCYPRI project proposes the design, implementation and validation of an innovative and smart plate cylinder to eliminate the Flexographic Printing Industry problems:
 The first target will be to obtain, through the integration of a novel multifunction fiber optic sensing system within the carbon fibre body cylinder, the data of the running behavior and the anomalies of the cylinder which can communicate with an autonomous control system giving it the data needed to dynamically adjust in real time the driving parameters of the process.
 The second target is related to the optimization of the carbon fibre cylinder: the composite lamination, due to the physical and geometrical characteristics of the composite tube (high thickness, considerable high modulus fibre quantity, high curing temperature) suffers of some limitation due to the need of avoiding noticeable composite thermal stresses.
 The last target is to develop a simple, effective and user friendly connection system between the cylinder and the adapters, as explained before, to improve the stiffness characteristics of the system.
Effective start/end date1/10/1230/09/14


  • European Commission


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