SANTANDER-LITEBOX funding awards scheme

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SANTANDER funding to set up a LITEBox award scheme to fund which will provide the opportunity to support a wide range of staff-student collaborative projects to further enhance the digital learning environment. A number of awards will be made to applicants between 2017-2019

The LITEbox project was established in 2015 with the aim of facilitating skills development, dynamic technology utilisation and knowledge exchange in learning, teaching and research. It has so far successfully served to provide an environment where both staff and students can share their knowledge about existing technologies, as well as learn from each other about new and innovative ones. Through diverse events, workshops, blog posts and social media, it seems to have sparked the imagination as to what is capable in a learning and teaching environment.Led by Drs Emma Rich and Jessica Francombe-Webb, Department for Health, Rob Hyde, Audio Visual Manager, and Sarah Williment, Head of Academic Skills Resources, at the University of Bath, the LITEbox initiative created a multi-disciplinary community of practice making an outstanding contribution in profiling digital technologies to enhance student learning.
Short title£30,000
StatusNot started