Sabbatical Leave

Project: Research-related funding

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The aim of this 6-month sabbatical leave is to develop a major area of research through interdisciplinary collaboration with 5 partner institutions. The 4 secondment months spent off campus will be used to do field work, undertake pioneering research with partners, build new relationships with stakeholders and collect evidence for impact. These periods will be alternated with time spent producing key research outputs (2 articles, a co-authored book) underpinning the impact case study based on the project for the 2021 REF. The exhibition and the policy brief will be used to reach out to stakeholders disseminating outcomes and consolidating impact.
The key objectives of this internally funded sabbatical leave are threefold:
1) Make a significant advancement to the theory and methodology of co-creation, the innovative conceptual framework for the analysis of socio-spatial segregation I have been working on since 2012;
2) Use opportunity for staff mobility offered by the RISE H2020 grant to
raise my research profile by engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration with overseas academic and non-academic partners in partners from Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil and Mexico, improve my skillsets, broaden and diversify my professional networks;
3) Develop a portfolio of research publications in view of 2021 REF.
Short title£10000
Effective start/end date1/02/1931/07/19