Preparing STEM students and teachers with extended learning opportunities through flipped/hybrid classrooms: The case of study of English-medium instruction (EMI) STEM students in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

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The University Grants Committee (UGC) supports the development of learning and teaching initiatives through the allocation of the Teaching Development Grants (TDGs) amongst tertiary institutions. The UGC emphasizes that the Grant should integrate and support institution-level initiatives and promote innovations to enhance the quality of teaching for the better provision of quality education to students.

Projects should produce outputs on demonstrated and direct teaching and learning benefits. Equally important are the projects’ emphasis in support of the incorporation of problem-based learning and research elements to equip students with the tools to find creative solutions to real-world problems.

In addition, the TDG Approval Panel agrees the use of the TDG budget for the deployment of research students in 2018-19 (initiated by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) followed by liaising with the FO), in the form of studentship with condition that the concerned research students shall work on the TSG/ TDG projects. Regarding the recruitment of research students and studentship arrangements, please refer to the SGS's handbook and their home page for details.
Short title£25,000
StatusNot started


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