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An increasing number of academics and postgraduate students choose post-qualitative methodologies for their research projects, also in South African universities. As postgraduate research method courses tend to still only focus on quantitative and qualitative research, and supervisors themselves are on the whole unfamiliar with post-qualitative research methodologies the creation and researching of a support network with an online course and resources is urgently needed. This research project is a response to the need to care for the more-than-human in the Anthropocene, the reconfiguration of the human in the
digital age and the current push in the South to decolonise higher education. The proposed project brings together a national and international team of experts in post-qualitative research in higher education with a plethora of experience of guiding and supporting colleagues, supervisors and postgraduate students in post-qualitative research. The first year of the project will be spent amassing the materials which already exist in the post-qualitative research field and making contact at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) or European Congress for Qualitative Inquiry (ECQI) with national and international academics who are writing and teaching about post-qualitative research in northern and southern contexts. Towards the end of the first year, a face-to-face and online meeting will be held to plan and design a pilot online course on post-qualitative research. The second year of the project will entail further collaboration with experts and established and emerging scholars through an online colloquium in the field of post-qualitative research and the first piloting of the online course for academics and postgraduate students who are interested in using postqualitative approaches in their research projects.
Effective start/end date1/09/2131/08/23

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