Phase 2 of the Bath Physics Observatory (II): Power station and Solar pannels

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The observatory is based within the Lime Kiln sports pitch, as such it is remote from the University – good for observing, bad for power. To make the observatory be as easy to use and take actual scientifically useful data we have integrated a fully automated, and free, control system to control the telescope mount, cameras, filter wheel and focuser. That takes some power, more than we had anticipated, and it has to be nicer (stay at 12 V) all night to be useful. Within our present budgets we have purchased one medium sized high-voltage (12 V) rechargeable “power-station.” To extend this and to allow longer observations and to allow both telescope systems to be used simultaneously we ask for funds to purchase two larger portable power supplies.
Short title£1,900
Effective start/end date1/01/2230/06/22


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