Phase 2 of the Bath Physics Observatory (II): Observatory piers

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For precision astro-imaging and stable long-time exposures it is vital that the telescope mount is precisely aligned with the rotation of the Earth. Presently every time we set-up with telescopes we have to perform a complex and time consuming alignment process. Given the times we do this are during the autumn and winter months on clear nights, the conditions are not ideal for the students. We actually found frost on the jackets of the students last semester. The time spent on the set-up and alignment also limits the time spent on the actual observations.

Therefore, here we request two observatory piers. These will be concreted into the ground (like a fence post) allowing us to align the telescope mounts once. They will then be left in situ, either in a new roll-top observatory (if funded by the Alumni), or they will be housed/protected by a simple but robust cover. Then only the telescope themselves will have to be mounted, but do not have to be aligned, each observing night – much less work.
Short title£1,490
Effective start/end date1/01/2030/06/20


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