Phase 2 of the Bath Physics Observatory (I): Spectroscopy

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Spectroscopic measurements are important in many areas of physics, but none more so than in astrophysics, where spectroscopy is fundamental to the scientific study of the Universe we live in. Our current set of equipment has been built up to give students the opportunity to learn about telescope systems and their use first-hand, to develop their skills in computer-interfacing with equipment, to allow them to make high-quality measurements of their own data in astronomical imaging, photometry, and so on. We would now like to add to that the ability to make spectroscopic measurements across the optical band. This would enable the possibility to measure the composition of the outer layers of the Sun and other stars, the atmospheric composition of Jupiter, Saturn and other planets, rotation curves of nearby galaxies, spectroscopic binary star systems, characteristics of emission nebulae, plus many other things. To support this, we request funds to purchase a high-quality optical spectrometer, designed for use on small telescopes, such as the ones we have.
Short title£3,860
Effective start/end date1/01/2230/06/22


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