Partial Order: Mathematics, Simulations and Applications

  • Majumdar, Apala (PI)
  • Bauman, Patricia (CoI)
  • Phillips, Daniel (CoI)
  • Liu, Chun (CoI)

Project: Research-related funding

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Partially ordered materials, between the conventional solid and liquid phases of matter, are ubiquitous in nature. Examples include liquid crystals and complex fluids, glassy matter, the cell cytoskeleton, and vibrated granular media. The theory of partial order not only presents cutting-edge mathematical challenges but can also be transformative for materials science and nano-technology. This workshop has three central themes: the mathematics, modeling, and simulation of (i) liquid crystals and complex fluids, (ii) bio-materials, and (iii) nano-materials and will feature invited talks in equilibrium and non-equilibrium phenomena for these materials, their singularities, numerical methods, and new experiments. As such, the workshop promises to be a unique platform for consolidating new and exciting ideas from different research communities in the field and formulate new plans for long-lasting collaboration.
Effective start/end date25/01/1629/01/16


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