Optimised Components, Test and simulatiOn toolkits for Powertrains which integrate Ultra high speed motor Solutions

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"""OCTOPUS builds on the success of previous Innovate UK project APEX. **Advanced Electric Motors Research** and **The Thinking Pod innovations** will focus optimising the integrated motor and power electronics 'drive' technology and further integrating with a new transmission and thermal management system to deliver the ultimate single unit e-axle solution designed specifically to meet **Bentley Motors** performance specifications. OCTOPUS will use the world class synchrotron and high performance computing systems available from the **Science & Technology Facilities Council** to build new multi-physics modelling solutions and expertise of the **University of Nottingham** to build power electronics modelling solutions and validate them with test data generated by 'looking through' the motor while its running at its maximum operating speed of 30,000rpm. The prototype e-axle, manufactured by **Advanced Electric Machines** at their expanded manufacturing facility in Washington Tyne & Wear, will be tested to OEM Design Verification (DV) standards using the latest testing solutions and test specifications developed using both **University of Bath** and Bentley Motors vast powertrain testing experience, ensuring that it comes out of the project ready to be considered for a vehicle programme. Looking beyond the next generation, OCTOPUS will develop a suite of technologies which target the 2035 Auto Council performance targets by integrating the latest thinking in Additive Manufacturing and nano-material technologies. **Hieta Technologies** will deliver beyond state of the art thermal management and lighweighting solutions in both the motor and transmission while **FD Sims** and **Talga Resources** UK will develop materials for high performance motor windings delivering an aluminium based solution which will aim to out perform copper. By working on these technologies alongside the core e-axle design, OCTOPUS will aim to accelerate and focus their development with a view to incorporating successful elements into the testing and prototype units, laying the foundations for future design verification programmes. At the end of OCTOPUS the project team will deliver: * **An e-axle prototype** incorporating the latest magnet free motor, wide band gap power electronics and lightweight transmission systems, tested to OEM DV standards using a new test protocol proven on next generation test facilities * **A new multi-physics simulation modelling toolkit** incorporating electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal and NVH solvers operating simultaneously, validated by a never before demonstrated x-ray analysis technique * **Next generation lightweight high performance component systems**, integrating the latest material and manufacturing techniques and tested at component, sub-system and system level and with an integration route into future e-axle designs"""
Effective start/end date1/12/1931/03/23


  • Innovate UK


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