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"New Motion Labs (NML) is solving one of the biggest fundamental problems in mechanical engineering, making large mechanical power transfer over a large surface area possible and thereby making traditional gears, roller-chains and belt drives obsolete. NML's vision is to undertake fundamental innovation in the mechanical sector, enabling lightweight and efficient mechanised motion. Initially spun-out from University College London and steered by the Deep Science Ventures Accelerator programme (which provided both guidance on the value proposition and initial pre-seed investment that has been used to manufacture the Proof of Concept).

**World Changing Drive Technology**

NML's innovation is the biggest breakthrough in power transmission technology since the invention of the roller-chain first observed in drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci more than 500 years ago. With current chain technology, over 60% of the transmitted power is acting on only one tooth and chain link at any one time, leading to high mechanical wear and is the reason why expensive metals are required for both chains and sprockets.

NML's chain dramatically reduces wear by sharing the transmitted force over all of the teeth on the sprocket at the same time, this leads to an ~86% reduction in peak stress compared to a conventional roller-chain, enabling a 10 times increase in sprocket lifespan and 3 times increase chain lifespan. Mechanical wear does not have to be a primary consideration anymore; meaning that different materials such as self-lubricating plastics and carbon fibre with additional benefits such as hygiene, cost and weight reductions can be used in chain and transmission design."
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/21


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