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The adsorption of gas molecules onto the surfaces of porous solids is one of the most important operations in the chemical industry. Recently, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) / a new class of nanoporous materials / have been developed, and these have been shown to have exciting gas adsorption properties. In this joint proposal, we intend to investigate the incorporation of calixarenes, a series of cavity-containing molecules, into MOFs. The potential interactions of gas molecules with both the framework and the calixarene cavities make these materials interesting targets for gas storage and for the separation of mixtures of gases. This project will be developed as a vehicle for transferring expertise between the three applicants. Thus Drs. Burrows and Dren will learn organic synthesis techniques with Dr. Bew, Drs. Bew and Dren will learn about MOF synthesis, crystallisation and characterisation from Dr. Burrows, and Drs. Bew and Burrows will gain experience of gas adsorption measurements and molecular modelling from Dr. Dren. These new skills will be valuable not just for the duration of the project, but also for the future careers of the applicants. It is intended that the collaboration that will start with this discipline hopping award will be long-term, and lead to significant developments at the chemistry-chemical engineering interface.
Effective start/end date25/06/0624/09/09


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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    Calix[4]arene-based metal-organic frameworks: Towards hierarchically porous materials

    Bew, S. P., Burrows, A. D., Düren, T., Mahon, M. F., Moghadam, P. Z., Sebestyen, V. M. & Thurston, S., 2012, In : Chemical Communications. 48, 40, p. 4824-4826 3 p.

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    The synthesis, structures and reactions of zinc and cobalt metal-organic frameworks incorporating an alkyne-based dicarboxylate linker

    Burrows, A. D., Fisher, L. C., Hodgson, D., Mahon, M. F., Cessford, N. F., Duren, T., Richardson, C. & Rigby, S. P., 2012, In : CrystEngComm. 14, 1, p. 188-192 5 p.

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    Syntheses, structures and properties of cadmium benzenedicarboxylate metal–organic frameworks

    Burrows, A. D., Cassar, K., Düren, T., Friend, R. M. W., Mahon, M. F., Rigby, S. P. & Savarese, T. L., 2008, In : Dalton Transactions. 18, p. 2465-2474 10 p.

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